Welcome to Tanzeel

What is Tanzeel?

Tanzeel was established in 2007 by concerned parents. We wanted an afterschool class specialising in delivering high quality tajweed and Hifdh blended with Arabic language so the children understand what they are reading.

We wanted an Islamic studies syllabus that would address issues facing the younger generation living in the West, while at the same time focussing on the task of nurturing the Islamic characteristics and morals within our children.

Tanzeel recognizes the importance of this crucial task, and has a well-defined curriculum with the aim to serve the young and growing Muslims of tomorrow.

We strive for excellent academic standards and aim for our students to become future ambassadors of Islam.

Why the name "tanzeel"?

The name “Tanzeel” (sent down) is one of the many names that Allah (swt) has given to his book Al Qur’an revealed to our prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Surah 26: 192